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Amanda Iheme



+234 706 323 8701

Hi, I am Amanda, the founder and lead clinical psychologist providing mental health services at NDIDI. I trained at the University of Cape Coast where I obtained a BSc. in Psychology and received an MSc. in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology from Swansea University.

I specialize in helping individuals with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood trauma, and existential crises understand and heal themselves.

While in therapy, you learn to communicate, acquire deep self-knowledge, identify negative/unhelpful thought processes and behavior patterns, and learn healthy coping and decision-making skills that are unique to your situation.

Additional Details

Areas of Expertise

Years of Practice

Licenses and Certificates

Therapy Type

Session Format

Session Length

60 minutes

Virtual, In-Person

A combination of Psycho-dynamic CBT Existential Therapy and Feminist Therapy

Licensed by the National Association of Clinical Psychologists

6+ years

Depression, Anxiety disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Grief, Existential Crisis

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