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Our Founder

Karina is a qualified CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) Leadership Coach, a global public speaker and the founder of Ere Wellness who specializes in people operations & wellness for individuals and organizations.

Inspired by the gap in the African wellness market and her personal experience recovering from an eating disorder as a Nigerian teenager in Lagos, Karina is passionate about using her experience and expertise to empower women, employees, leaders and teams with practical tools to improve their emotional, mental, physical and professional wellbeing.

Karina has equipped hundreds of startup founders, professionals and students with techniques to improve their dedication to their personal holistic health, company culture, leadership and communication.

Karina lives in Lagos and owns two adorable bunnies (Tofu & Goji, who she refers to as her kids), one too many books and dozens of plants she tries to keep alive. Some of the plants die, but it’s the thought that counts.

Meet Karina Karunwi

Karina speaks about


Mental Health

Body Image

Self Talk


Communication & Conflict Resolution

Conscious Leadership


The Power of Authenticity & Vulnerability

Impactful and Healthy Company Culture

Femininity & Female Communities

Inter-generational Conversations

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