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... I’ve seen so much change in my life. I joined this community earlier this year looking for accountability partners to keep me in check. I now have these amazing women making sure I become the best version of myself. I really feel I’ve become a better person than I was last year.


This community is changing my life on soooo many levels ❤️


I love the community of women, I enjoy the conversations we have on diverse topics. I especially like how we can disagree without being disrespectful or rude and I love how it’s a safe space for women.


It's such a wholesome group of like minded women. I can always count on being supported and there's always great fun, laughter and hilarious gist.


I have especially loved the Ask a Therapist sessions. amazing.


I love that openness and vulnerability is a strong advantage of this group in a society where shame and silence is overwhelming. Especially when we as women have been socialized to be in silent competition with each other and to always be “well-behaved”. I hope we never lose that.


I just got a job offer from a job posted on this group when I needed it the most. 


I love this community so much ngl! Thank you Ere babes, you guys are the best! 💕


The underlying thread for community is a sense of belonging and relatability. This is exactly why social media is a thing- it is a network of people across the globe looking for like-minds, a reassuring reminder that we all live similar lives. The things you share today may be the exact thing someone has been dying to hear but is overwhelmed by fear, shame or some sort of insecurity. 


...Communities like this can be very healing. The acknowledgment that you are not alone (often mistaken or abused as external validation) is something everyone deserves. And it doesn’t necessarily have to come from where you expect. 

... Thank you to every woman here that has taken a big or small step outside their comfort zones to share one thing or the other. 


The love and support towards one another has been immense and I really love to see it. A community of WOMEN that genuinely care for one another even in the most little ways ☺️


The best thing about this group is the diversity in life experiences and openness to share.


The warmness in the community. For the most part I feel like it’s a safe space were I can be myself. Also the ladies are sooooooo nice! I’m also big on response time are I get relatively quick responses when I message Karina and the rest of the group I get very quick response. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time in the community.


I come on here everyday to read and take (it all) in. It’s therapeutic, like listening to your sisters talk and just be glad for the warmth of their presence. Thankful for all of you  that make this space that it is❤️


What the Girlies are saying

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Ere Wellness

For Individuals

Global loneliness is at 11.7% as reported by the WHO.

Prevalence is highest in Africa at 13.1% of the continent reporting feeling lonely most of the time or always.


Of the 13.1% experiencing loneliness in Africa, 50.9% were female.

[Journal of Adolescent Health study, June 2023]


Ere Wellness’ community for women is made up of both students and professionals in various sectors across the globe from the ages of 18 to 60+. With the power of vulnerability as our foundation, the community meets virtually and in-person monthly to discuss individual and shared experiences, our relationships with ourselves, family dynamics, body image, career development, personal growth, celebrate joys & mourn losses together and share personal development resources. With subgroups focused on career & business development, body image, sex, location specific (Europe, Canada) and more, hundreds of women in the community empower each other with resources, laughs and open discussions.

About the Ere Wellness Community

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