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60% of CEOs believe their companies are empathetic towards their employees.


Only 24% of employees feel their employers are empathetic towards them.

About Corporate Workshops

Ere Wellness facilitates psychological evidence-based workshops which strengthen teams, encourage employees diversity of personalities and skills, boost productivity, empower leaders and bring holistic health (physical, mental and emotional), based on psychological research, to the workplace.

Our Signature Packages

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Equipping leaders and teams with deeper understanding of their communication styles, practical methods to boost effective communication and in turn team productivity.​​

Preventing & Managing Burnout

Understanding burnout and its effects on organisational culture & workplace productivity employee retention. Gain insight into strategies to managing burnout as a leader & a team.

Leadership & Team Building

This session uncovers leadership styles and employees' working styles. Learn practical tools and techniques to transform multidisciplinary communication, enhance leadership skills and foster team wellbeing.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Prioritisation of mental wellbeing and how it ties into productivity. Gain understanding of the impact of mental health on team effectiveness and how to support employees for improved company culture and quality of life.

Self-Talk, Imposter Syndrome, and the Power of Vulnerability

This session uses psychological tools to explore presentations of imposter syndrome, effects on team dynamics and how to move overcome these issues individually & collectively.

Our Signature Packages can be customised to suit companies', leaders' and teams' requirements, following initial diagnostic calls.

Companies who trust us

Virtual and In-Person Sessions Available

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Ere Wellness for Corporates

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