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About Us

Ere Wellness is a company that specializes in Wellness & Organisational Culture Team Workshops & One-on-One Coaching, with a focus on mental health, conscious leadership, communication and team effectiveness.


We nurture a growing international community of women ages 18 - 60+ who connect, support and empower each other through monthly virtual and in-person events, and by sharing experiences, career opportunities and resources.

Ere Wellness

CBT Leadership Coaching

Team Building & Wellness Workshops

Mental Health Resource Database

Women's Community

Ere Wellness is trusted by

... I’ve seen so much change in my life. I joined this community earlier this year looking for accountability partners to keep me in check. I now have these amazing women making sure I become the best version of myself. I really feel I’ve become a better person than I was last year.


This community is changing my life on soooo many levels ❤️


I love the community of women, I enjoy the conversations we have on diverse topics. I especially like how we can disagree without being disrespectful or rude and I love how it’s a safe space for women.


It's such a wholesome group of like minded women. I can always count on being supported and there's always great fun, laughter and hilarious gist.


I have especially loved the Ask a Therapist sessions. amazing.


I love that openness and vulnerability is a strong advantage of this group in a society where shame and silence is overwhelming. Especially when we as women have been socialized to be in silent competition with each other and to always be “well-behaved”. I hope we never lose that.


I just got a job offer from a job posted on this group when I needed it the most. 


I love this community so much ngl! Thank you Ere babes, you guys are the best! 💕